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[blog]Investing in the Future…of BCI

posted 2018/04/09

The brain-computer interface (BCI) market has boomed in recent years, and scientists aren’t the only ones who have noticed. In 2017, the global BCI ma ...


[blog]In The Future, Brain-Computer Interface Technologies Will Allow Physically Disabled Patients To Communicate Effortlessly

posted 2018/03/12

An Inability to Communicate Could Leave Patients Feeling Isolated. Patients with physical disabilities, caused by stroke, spinal cord injury, or ALS, ...


[news] 今年1月に開催された世界最大の展示会CES 2018に出展していた脳科学企業についてまとめた専門レポートを販売致します

posted 2018/02/26

neumo独自の調査をもとに、CES 2018の出展していた企業の中から脳科学企業30社を発掘・リストアップしました。レポートの中では、特に注目の4社とピックアップ企業7社の計11社の詳細の解説を行っています。これらの11社は現地で直接インタビューを行っており、さらにスタートアップ企業のいくつかはC ...


[blog] Back To The Future: How 100-year-old technologies can be repurposed for the latest neurobusinesses

posted 2018/02/12

Is it worth looking backward? When we think of advancements in science and business, we expect the newest technologies to be at the forefront of this ...


[blog] A researcher who seek to develop a product for neurorehabilitation feasible at home using inexpensive EEG device

posted 2018/01/28

An interview with a researcher in neurorehabilitation engineering from the University of Glasgow Damage to the central nervous system (brain and spina ...


[blog] Opening up the Future of Neuroscience and Technology by Measuring Brain Activity with Incredibly High Spatiotemporal Resolution

posted 2018/01/18

How Well Can We Visualize Neural Activity with Current Technology? fMRI measures hemodynamic changes generated by neural activity. It has a spatial re ...


[blog] Neuroscience is Becoming the MVP in Sports Strategy

posted 2017/12/31

Neymar has Soccer on the Brain A fascinating study conducted by the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) an ...


[blog] Will Smartphones replace MRI and PET?

posted 2017/12/22

(Image from gizmodo) MRI And PET Play an Important Role in Diagnosing and Predicting Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging devices, such as magnetic ...


[blog] Virtual Reality will First Flourish in Medicine, not in Consumer Games

posted 2017/12/06

(Credit: The Wall Street Journal) The Slow Rise of VR The release of the Oculus Rift, HTC vive, PlayStation VR, and others led to the conclusion that ...


[news] Ryosei Wakabayashi presented at the business model cafe powered by wired on December 5th, 2017

posted 2017/12/06

Ryosei Wakabayashi gave a presentation about the newest neuroscience and neuroscience business at the business model cafe. Leave a comment


[news] Ryosei Wakabayashi served as a moderator at a real-time neurofeedback conference on November 27, 2017

posted 2017/11/27

Ryosei Wakabayashi served as a moderator of the panel discussion ‘Front Line of Researches on Neuroimaging and its Societal Implementation’ ...


[blog] The Endless Pursuit of Immortality and Rejuvenation

posted 2017/11/25

“Death is very likely the single best invention of life” In an eloquent commencement speech by Steve Jobs to the 2005 graduates of Stanford University ...


[blog] Predicting the Future of Telepathy with Openwater

posted 2017/11/17

Mary Lou Jepsen Launches Startup to Develop Wearable MRI In 2016, Mary Lou Jepsen launched Openwater, which is a startup intent on developing devices ...


[blog] Will Elon Musk make the world a utopia or dystopia?

posted 2017/11/06

The Competition for High-Resolution BMI Development has Begun Elon Musk launched Neuralink in March 2017. Over the next 4 years, the company plans to ...


[blog] Are artificial memories in our future?

posted 2017/10/26

The importance of memory If you were to ask people how they would most want to “upgrade” about their brain, chances are most will mention something ab ...


[news] neumo, Inc. launched September 1st, 2017

posted 2017/09/04

2017年9月1日から、neumoの活動を開始しました。 Leave a comment


[news] Ryosei Wakabayashi presented at ATR on June 30th, 2017

posted 2017/06/30

Ryosei Wakabayashi gave a presentation about the emerging neuroscience business at ATR (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International). ...