CES Braintech Reports


CES 2018 Brain Technology Corporate Reports

An in-depth investigative report on CES 2018 with a specific focus on neuroscience-related exhibitors.

Report contents:

  • Broad outline of products and services
  • Funding updates
  • Interviews with CEO, CSO, CTO, etc.
  • Scientific commentary from neumo team members relating to the scientific background of products. These comments are based on extensive review of academic literature, work done by CSO/CTOs, and information gleaned through interviews
  • Independent evaluation conducted by neumo comparing over 300 global neuroscience-related companies. This explorative analysis includes company assessments and highlights highly competitive organizations within a variety of domains
  • Appraisal of changing trends from 2017 to 2018

We are also pleased to offer private consultation based on report findings

  • Expanded explanation of report contents
  • Consultation services based on reports and discussion of business strategies, practical applications, etc.


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